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  • Land Acknowledgement

    We, the creators of this website want to honour and thank the original caretakers for their continued protection of the land. Modern-day settlers may recognize these city names as home, but these names may not have the same significance for Indigenous peoples. This land has had many names and the boundaries that determine citizenship and settler privilege only have meaning because of engrained participation.


    Historically the RCMP was created to displace Indigenous peoples for colonizers and settlers. Policing is tied into the fabric of our society and is a continuation of these colonial efforts. Indigenous people continue to face this harassment and violence daily.


    This is an ever-evolving land acknowledgment. We will continue to be creative in finding ways to encourage action and discussion on this website and in our lives. The website will evolve as these discussions continue. We encourage settlers to think about how they can examine what action they can take to go beyond engaging with this website.


    In response to the ongoing violence and harassment in our communities around the world, this site offers several contact tools to help you call upon your local representatives to defund the police with just a few clicks. This way you have more time to take action in other meaningful ways.


    Lots of us feel lost on what to do. We recognize that as occupiers of Turtle Island, many reparations are required, and defunding the police is one step of many. As an independent team of POC and white facilitators and connectors, we actively work to amplify the voices of community organizers, and assist with templates to create a beautiful network of actions and tools to help you continue this work in your everyday life. In the Resources section you will be able to connect to Black Lives Matter and Indigenous movements in your city, sign petitions, find city specific resources and actions, education tools, books, GoFundMe pages, organizations, and so much more.

    It is so important that we keep the momentum and work together. This is an evolving website. This project is to support and facilitate connection and action. If you do not see your city here and would like to connect, or would like to add city-specific resources, contact us!